Teacher Feature: Luisa Buitrago

On Music

When she was a child, Luisa was exposed to a wide variety of musical styles. Being from Colombia, Luisa shared that she grew up listening to a variety of Latin musical styles, including salsa, merengue, and Latin jazz. This is the music that she “loves”!  Being exposed to classical music also led it to becoming one of her favorites. What attracted her most to music was its ability to provide her with the means to “say a lot of thing without words.” Luisa continued, “through sound, you connect with people, and communicate feelings, sensations and thoughts.”

In the Beginning

With the foundation of a deep-seated love of music in place, Luisa started to take lessons on piano at 12 years old and clarinet at 14. Her teachers had a big impact on her.  “I would say that my first piano teacher inspired me to learn music,” revealed Luisa. Years later, she was provided with wise words from another instructor: “The most important lesson was a few years ago when one of the best clarinetists told me that passion, talent, and discipline have to work together.”

Luisa continues to study hard every day, sometimes practicing up to 4 hours a day! “Right now,” Luisa noted, “I am taking clarinet lessons.” Meeting with an instructor each week who provides guidance and feedback helps keep her focused.  Luisa explained that “I think clarinet players are always struggling with the quality of the sound. I started to practice slowly and mindfulness, my ears are the best teacher, so every day I do long notes and scales.”


On Teaching

Luisa has been part of the Centre Music House family for the past year. Teaching here has been a great experience for her.  Luisa said that “I like to teach at Centre Music House because everything is very organized, they respect the teachers and support our job.”

With this support, Luisa can focus on providing the best lessons to her students and ensuring they grow to love a variety of music. “I teach mostly classical music”, Luisa shared, “but I like to encourage my students to play something that they really like.”

Luisa feels very strongly that students are fully immersed in the lessons because there are so many benefits from learning music. “I expect that my students feel respect and passion for music,”, Luisa said, “even though they may choose another career, it is important to conceive music as an art that needs dedication, practice, and discipline. I love that my students enjoy making music and develop skills like concentration, coordination, patience, and organization.”

As a Performer

Keep an eye out for Luisa as there will be opportunities in the near future to see her perform. Luisa shared “I have a clarinet quartet, and we are working on some repertoire, so we should have some concerts in the next months.”

For information about lessons at Centre Music House, visit us at www.centremusic.com.

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