Teacher Feature: Siyao Wang

Piano instructor, Siyao Wang, has been playing piano for as long as she can remember. While growing up in her home city of Shenyang, China, she was determined to practice up to 30 minutes a day. Her father played a big role in her dedication to music. “My father was a violinist,” shares Siayo. “My father inspired me to learn the piano at first, and then I developed a sincere passion for music, especially for the piano.”

Siyao started lessons at 5 years old and learned important lessons from her instructors. “My first teacher taught me very useful practicing skills and solid fundamentals in a fun teaching environment.” As part of the generation that grew up with YouTube, Siyao learned first-hand the benefits of in-person lessons. “The real and live instructor,” she continued, “will give specific advice tailored to the specific needs of different students.”

Watch Siyao perform an excerpt from Saint Saens Piano Concerto Op.22.

One of Siyao’s early difficulties in studying the piano was understanding that “thinking and hearing are very important while having a lesson.” Also, a lot of studying takes place away from the instrument. “Don’t be lazy to use the brain even if we are not sitting in front of the piano.”

Siyao recently graduated from the Boston University College of Fine Arts with a Master of Music in piano performance. She is currently focusing on sharing all her knowledge with the next generation of piano students.

For her students, Siyao expects them t o come to each lesson with a goal of “learning piano and having fun. I consider myself to be quite fortunate in having had the opportunities to encourage young students in their pursuit of excellence and wish to continue in this capacity at Centre Music House.”

Siyao also enjoys live performance and participating in piano competitions. Her most recent live performance was her “graduate piano solo recital at BU Concert Hall”. In 2017, she won first prize of the Yamaha Competition in China.  She is currently practicing 2 to 3 hours every day preparing for her next competition.

For information about lessons at Centre Music House, visit our website here.

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