Teacher Feature: Lisa Keefe

Lisa Keefe, a Mozart-loving piano instructor here at Centre Music House, has much experience teaching young children. With that experience, she’s found numerous ways to develop their love and passion for music.

Share the Love

One way Lisa discovered is when parents share their own love for music. She recalls that when she was young, “My grandmother and mother were always playing the piano and singing” and this formed the foundation of her interest in music.  Lisa encourages the same from her students’ parents: “Help your children to love music by playing music often and singing with them as a way of life.” With a musical soundtrack at home and during rides in the car, children will develop a strong foundation of rhythm, melody, and harmony and an overall love of music.

Support at Home

With most lessons occurring once a week for 30 minutes, it can be difficult for young children to know how to practice alone at home. Another way for parents to help is by being involved in the child’s practice sessions at home. Lisa feels that “parents also can encourage their children to practice by listening, helping when necessary, and taking an interest in their weekly assignments.”

Here’s a video for parents with some fun tips to help ensure their children are using the correct hand positions.

Practice! Practice! Practice!

Having started piano lessons at age 6, Lisa has a good understanding of what it is like to start at an early age. She had a strict instructor who expected her to “Practice! Practice! Practice!” and play the assigned lessons flawlessly and with impeccable technique.  Lisa practiced everyday during the week and “started out playing my songs about four times each. The more you play it though, the more you will like it and expand your preferences! I gradually increased to playing for hours each day as a teenager and young adult. Now an hour or two can pass quickly!”

Fun and Games

Over the years, Lisa has found a variety of ways to better engage children in their weekly lessons. “I think that I make the lessons fun for young students” Lisa said, “I use different methods and games to engage children from 4 to 5 years old and up.”

Most importantly, Lisa believes students need a supportive, knowledgeable instructor that can provide real-time feedback. While the internet can be a great resource for music students, Lisa believes students need “a real, live instructor that can SHOW you what to do. Kids can see exactly what is required. Online, it is difficult to see just where to place hands, how to touch the keys, etc.!”

For information about lessons at Centre Music House, visit us here.

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