Centre Music House’s Wall of Fame

Back in the 70’s and 80’s, Framingham had a healthy and robust music scene.  There were countless bands, duos, and solo artists who’d play weekly at a number of the clubs in the area. With Centre Music House’s convenient location off of Route 9 and being at the center (no pun intended…well maybe a little bit) of the musical action, the bands would come to the store quite often. Many of these bands were immortalized with their promo pics hanging on the walls of Centre Music House.

Corbit sits back in his chair and, with a smile, recalls what it was like back then:

“There used to be countless clubs up and down Route 9 between Westborough and Framingham where bands would be able to play. Places like The Red Barn in Westborough, the VIP Lounge in Southborough, Timonthy’s Spirits Company, Timothy’s Too in Framingham, and Michael’s all in Framingham. Also, there was The Surrey Lounge in Framingham where the tracks cross Route 9, The Back Room which was behind the Surrey Lounge, and The Chatteu Deville which is now Cabot House, the Meadows. It was terrific, there were so many opportunities. It was great pub crawling during the week and seeing these bands. Depending on your mood, there were many kinds of bands, a well-rehearsed show band, a blues band with a horn section…classic rock bands…which wasn’t classic rock yet! It was contemporary!”

Corbit recounted that band members would “come in and buy guitars and we’d repair their instruments. They’d also come here for their accessories and some even took lessons here.”

As a thank you for support, many of the bands would give Corbit their promo pictures. Corbit related why, “Years ago, bands would take promo pictures to help get gigs. Centre Music House used to have the pictures hanging on the walls in the store. It was a way for us to be able to support the bands who supported us.”

What happened to all those pictures?  Corbit answered, “Once we redecorated, we pulled them off the wall and kept them for posterity.”

With all these pictures sitting in a manila folder, Corbit wanted to share them with the local community. Starting today, on our Facebook and Instagram pages, we will be posting the pictures in hopes of finding out who is in the pictures and where they are now.

In conclusion, Corbit adds,“So now, it’s a great opportunity to share them and find out where they are now!”

Be sure to follow our Facebook page here and our Instagram page here to see all the pictures.

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