Centre Music House Announces the Timothy’s Toy Box Benefit Concert

To celebrate the season of giving, Centre Music House presents the Timothy’s Toy Box Benefit Concert! The event will be held at the St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church on December 14th at 6:30pm to help raise money and awareness for Timothy’s Toy Box. The Centre Music HouseBand, Alt-Hideaway, will headline the concert with opening act, Emmaline.

Tickets are $10 a person and can be purchased at Event Brite here.

Timothy’s Toy Box is a Framingham-based non-profit organization with a mission of giving toys to children during the holiday season who wouldn’t otherwise receive them. These toys are provided to children in hospitals, homeless shelters, schools, and churches.

The Centre Music House band is a music program for students age 12 to 18 with at least 3 years playing experience. This program is for students of a higher skill level and provides them with multiple performance opportunities. The final performance is a fundraising event for a local charity of the students’ choosing.This year, the participants chose Timothy’s Toy Box!

All proceeds from this event will go to Timothy’s Toy Box, Inc. and help them in their mission of providing toys to children during the holiday season! Additional donations are greatly appreciated and will be accepted at this event.

For more information about Timothy’s Toy Box, visit their website here.

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