Teachers Answer: What Do You Like Most About Centre Music House?

Some of Center Music House’s instructors have been with us for decades. Others are newcomers that have been with us for less than a year.  What is it about this thriving Framingham institution that attracts such talented and caring instructors? 

To find out, we asked several of our instructors “what do you like most about Centre Music House?”

John Paolilli: It’s a great team, everyone is focused on what can be done to help the students develop and what we can do to give them the best program possible.

John Paolilli has the support he needs from Centre Music House to give his students the best instruction.

Erin Dilworth: I love teaching at Centre Music House because everyone here cares about the students and their families. This is a very supportive environment for the musicians and I love that there is a welcoming atmosphere where students can thrive. 

Forrest Padgett: I love the variety of interests that the students have. All ages, all styles, and a huge diversity of goals. I get to know and spend time with so many interesting people. There’s a sense of loss, oftentimes, when they leave to go to college or to pursue other interests, but I’ve come to recognize that as an inevitable part of the process. I focus on the hope that their lesson experience in some small way added to their purview of life. I refuse to let my wife throw out the notebooks I keep of student’s lessons. It’s (mostly) a pleasant walk back down memory lane. You get to know so many great kids and adults one-on-one. Kind of like being a therapist, but without the responsibility to solve their problems. Actually, they help solve some of mine… It’s a constant reminder of how beautiful people can be.

Forrest Padgett sharing his love of the drums.

Lisa Keefe: I love the friendly atmosphere at the Centre Music House.

Luisa Buitrago: I like to teach at Centre Music House because everything is very organized, they respect the teachers and support our job.

Ryan Fleming: Centre Music House has a well-earned reputation as a wonderful place to study music. The Larsons and the rest of the staff have spent years building a business based on honesty and integrity. It feels like a second home to me.

To find out more about Centre Music House, visit us at http://www.centremusic.com!

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