The Centre Music House Band Rocked Rock Off Main Street!

Last Friday saw the Centre Music House band, Alt-Hideaway, perform for the first time at the Rock Off Main Street concert. This concert, which is held at Amazing Things Art Center in downtown Framingham, showcased young talent in the MetroWest area.

Alt-Hideaway getting ready to perform at the Rock Off Main Street concert.

Alt-Hideaway, one of two Centre Music House bands, features Jenny Sturim on guitar and vocals, Suzanna Sarkar on bass and vocals, Jack Mooney and Devin Cox on guitar, and Max Davino on drums. This group started last fall with the debut of the House Band program. They enjoyed playing together so much, they asked John Paolilli, band director, and Max Larson, store manager, to continue performing together through the spring.

With the extra bonding and rehearsal time, Alt-Hideaway has found their groove. This was experienced by the crowd at the Rock Off Main Street concert. For the show, the band blistered through renditions Can’t Stop by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, In Bloom by Nirvana, Africa by Toto, Fireflies by Owl City, Hey Bulldog by The Beatles, and Whole Lotta Love by Led Zeppelin.

“The kids did a killer job!”, Max said of their performance, “They were one of 5 bands performing that night. They played last in the night and a good amount of people stuck around for the whole show which was good. At the end of the performance the crowd cheered for an encore!”

Alt-Hideaway will perform this evening at Open Mic Night at Sofa Cafe along with the debut of Centre Music House’s second house band.

Here are some pictures from the Rock Off Main Street concert.

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