House Band caps off a successful run with 2 shows and a win in the battle of the bands!

Invasion of the Human Minds (the Centre Music House Band), had a double-header weekend first competing in and winning a battle of the bands on Saturday and then performing at Centre Music House’s Student Showcase on Sunday.

These were the final two performances for the trio who wrapped up a successful 16 week-long House Band program.

After weeks of preparation, the group competed in the Natick Relay For Life Bands Battling Cancer fundraising event on Saturday, June 8th, where they went up against one other local band. The winner of the battle was decided by a combination of tallying the number of popular votes each band received and how much money they raised for the American Cancer Society.

The Centre Music House Band, Invasion Of The Human Minds, performing at the Natick Relay For Life Bands Battling Cancer

Invasion played to the crowd of Relay event organizers and participants as they trickled onto the Natick High School track where the event took place.

Lead singer, Liv Nason, wrote and performed her original song

The three kids in the band played a total of 8 songs by artists such as The Cranberries, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Khalid, Vampire Weekend, Jason Mraz, Darius Rucker, and Lil Nas X.

They also performed an original song title “u.” written by the band’s singer, Liv Nason.

After the two bands performed, the votes and donations were added up and the winner was announced at the kick-off ceremony. Invasion of the Human Minds took in a whopping 127 votes handily defeating the competing band who took in 16.

As for the amount of money raised, the bands were more evenly matched. Invasion went into the event having raised a little over $200.

Friends and family members donated to their team throughout their performance bumping their total up to $304. The competing band narrowly surpassed them with $307 raised.

One day later, on Sunday, June 9th, the band made an appearance at the Spring 2019 Student Showcase at Amazing Things Arts Center.

Invasion of the Human Minds performing at the Spring 2019 Student Showcase

They showcased their skills by playing an inspiring three-song set for the students participating in the Showcase and their family members.

The trio posing in front of an outdoor mural behind Amazing Things Arts Center after their final performance at the Student Showcase.

At the end of their 16-week journey the group all agreed that they’ll definitely continue to play together as a band in the next House Band session starting up again in the fall.

To learn more about the Centre Music House Band program and apply visit

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