FAQs from our response to COVID-19

We’ve been getting a lot of questions from folks in light of our decision to keep our store closed over the next two weeks. We’ve put together this FAQ list to help answer any questions you might have during this tumultuous time.

If you have questions that were not answered in this FAQ or feel like you need clarification on any of our answers, please email max@centremusic.com. I will answer your question to the best of my ability and add it to this list so we can help inform everyone.

Q: My lessons have been cancelled. Will I receive credit for my missed lesson?

A: Absolutely! The Centre Music House team is making sure that every lesson that has been cancelled due to COVID-19 is accounted for and that each student is credited for their missed lessons. Credits will be applied to your April payment – you will notice that your April charge will be reduced based on the number of lessons missed during this time.

Q: Are you guys open?

A: Sort of! While we are not always in the store, the Centre Music House team is still hard at work making sure that all emails are answered. If you have any questions you can call us at 508-875-0909 and leave a voicemail – we’ll call you back as soon as possible. If you have questions about your billing, email our Accounts Manager, SaRah at sarah@centremusic.com.

Q: Can we do lessons via Skype (or Hangouts or FaceTime or Name-Your-Favorite-App-Here)?

A: Yes! We are currently working on a plan to enable our instructors and students to continue lessons remotely. We’re currently in the process of getting everything together to roll our online music lessons as soon as possible! In the meantime, if you haven’t already, please take this survey HERE.

Q: Are you cancelling Open Mic Night?

A: To all of our loyal Open Mic attendees – you have not been forgotten! We are working on a plan to keep Open Mic Night going for March, we just haven’t settled on the format quite yet. But stay tuned! You may be one of the first virtual stars of a brand new CMH production!

Q: I still have questions. How can I get it touch with you to ask my questions?

A: Email max@centremusic.com to get in touch with me. I’ll answer your question to the best of my ability and add it to this list to keep everyone in the loop.

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