Teacher Feature: Erin Dilworth

With over 50 students a week, Erin Dilworth is a high in-demand instructor. She is also well-loved by all her students. Erin provides fun, engaging lessons with a smile and eagerness to help her students learn challenging material. Erin earned a Masters of Music in Vocal Performance from the Longy School of Music of Bard College in Cambridge. As a piano and voice instructor, she has been providing lessons at Centre Music House for over 3 years. To learn more about Erin’s musical experiences and lessons, we had a talk about her musical experiences. Enjoy the following interview with Erin.

What attracted you to music?

The ability to express emotion through music is a wonderful opportunity to share feelings, thoughts, experiences, and yourself with others. I love the opportunity to open myself to the world through music and connect to others through this commonality.

Who are your favorite artists and/or genres of music?

I enjoy many different genres of music including: Classical, Opera, Musical Theater, Jazz, 70s and 80s hits, 90s R&B, as well as Top 40 and Indie rock and Pop. Some of my favorite shows are: Le Nozze di Figaro, Il barbiere di Siviglia, La Bohème, Tchaikovsky’s Sleeping Beauty and The Nutcracker, Wicked, The Sound of Music, Chicago, and West Side Story. As soon as I realized how much I loved singing, I started taking voice lessons my sophomore year of high school.

What was the most important lesson imparted to you by your instructor?

Both of my teachers taught me that practicing is the real path to success. Having a talent for something will only take you so far. Dedication to something, through your successes and failures, is really where passion for your instrument grows.

Here’s a lesson with Erin where she teaches rhythms with her favorite food words!

What are the benefits of taking lessons with a real, live instructor versus learning something for free on YouTube?

In my lessons I cater to each individual student. I can see their struggles and their strengths in the moment and, in that way, I can help them overcome any issues or help them understand the concept more clearly. YouTube can be wonderful for warmups or listening practice, but there is no one to guide your learning in a personal way.

In terms of playing your instrument, what was difficult for you as a young musician? How did you overcome that difficulty?

It was frustrating when I didn’t grasp a concept or technique immediately. I had to learn to trust my teachers when they said I would be able to achieve that technique with consistent practice and dedication. It was hard to see how I would be able to eventually do something that I couldn’t come close to at the time. It turns out that they were right though, with practice and time I was able to overcome the challenges!

How much time a day did you practice each day when you started? How much time a day do you practice now?

When I first started I practice for 30 minutes a day for each instrument. Now I practice between 2-3 hours a day.

How long have you been teaching at Centre Music House? What are your specialties in instruction? Type of music, styles, etc.

I have been teaching at Centre Music House for over three years. I have a Masters in classical music, but I work with students in many genres including Pop, Jazz, Musical Theater, and Rock.

Why do you like teaching at Centre Music House?

I love teaching at Centre Music House because everyone here cares about the students and their families. This is a very supportive environment for musicians and I love that there is a welcoming atmosphere where students can thrive.

What do you expect of your students?

I expect my students to come to class with questions, curiosity, passion for music, preparedness, and of course a willingness to learn.

Here’s your chance to promote yourself! Are you currently performing?

I currently perform weekly in Boston as a professional church musician and concert hall performances.

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